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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

To help assist you better, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions regarding your purchase, or your shopping experience from our site. It may save you some time to answer some of your questions before contacting us.

1. What payment alternatives or methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, all 100% 128bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer). We also PayPal as a method of payment. We now also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay types of payment.

2. Do you ship Worldwide?
Yes we ship worldwide, depending on how accessible the area is, we may not ship to remote areas not accessible by major shipping companies.

Shipping rates are calculated at the checkout process. Please note that for large volume orders outside Canada/United States shipping, there maybe extra duty fees that the customer will have to pay for after the item has been shipped.

3. How do I keep track of my order?
We will e-mail you the tracking number of your shipping once we ship the item.

4. Do I pay for shipping/handling fee?
Yes, customer pays shipping and handling fee of the items purchased for orders Shipping rates are calculated at checkout process.

5. What methods of shipping do you have?
Our shipping is currently done by Canada Post.

6. I received a broken or damaged item, what should I do?
If the item you received is damaged, please visit our Returns Policy Section

7. Can I return the items if not satisfied?
Please visit our Returns Policy Section.


8. Do you custom design/make all your items?
Yes. Most of our headwear are custom-designed and made in-house. We then personalize it with your Instagram or Twitter handle.

NOTE: If you have your own specific graphic design and would like to add it to your headwear, please Contact Us (Only for large volume orders 10+, ie. special events, give away items, parties, etc).


9. What currency are the items being sold in your site?
All items are priced in Canadian $ (CAD) Currency by default. However, you can choose a different currency (EUR, GBP, USD) at the top right section of our website.

10. Do you charge tax to all your buyers?
Because we are a Canadian Online Retail Store located in Ontario, we do charge a 13% HST (under HST #: 891574410RT0001)  to all our buyers.

11. Why do you also accept PayPal?
PayPal also has a lot of benefits and is FREE for buyers and is widely used by more than 50 million people over the internet as an optional payment. Other benefits also include the following reasons:

  • Fraud protection. PayPal offers proven fraud protection and risk management with industry-leading fraud detection tools and techniques.

  • Data Security and Encryption. The security of your information, transactions, and money is the core of our business and is the top priority at PayPal.

  • Easy to use. PayPal is very easy to use. In fact, you can signup when you make your first purchase or you can signup in advance.

  • Widely accepted. PayPal has over 45 million account members worldwide and still growing.

  • Is Free. PayPal is absolutely FREE for consumers.

For PayPal Customer Service, please call 402-935-2050 or 1-888-221-1161.

12. Do you accept Visa Debit or MasterCard pre-paid cards?
We currently do not accept Debit cards due to the risk of Internet Security. Debit cards directly withdraw money from the customer's Bank Account and so therefore, for the protection of the customer's Bank Account from being abused from Online Theft, we cannot accept debit cards and do not recommend using it over the internet.

Although some Internet Store may allow you to use it, it is not a safe practice since they're exposing the customer's Bank Account through the Internet from online theft. The customer is at a potential risk of loosing their money once the bank number is stolen online.

13. Why do you require CID/CVC/CVV/CVV2 for Online Purchases?
CID/CVC/CVV/CVV2 (Card Identification/Card Validation Code/Card Validation Value) is a 3-4 digit numbers indicated on your credit cards that provide extra security for customers when making purchases through the Internet. These numbers are required to complete your purchases since we do not see a Physical Signature from a customer as with a normal way of swiping your credit cards.

Therefore, with the increase of Online Fraud, Online Theft, and Identity Theft, VISA and other major Credit Card Companies requires the CID/CVC/CVV/CVV2 for verification of Credit Cards. This ensures that the person making the purchase has possession of the card being used and helps reduce the risk of Online Fraud and Theft.

For further information, please visit:

and learn how to protect yourself from Online Theft, Fraud, and Identity Theft.

14. I would like to Cancel the order I just purchased, how do I do it?
Cancellation of placed orders is only available within 24 hours, after that it will no longer be valid to cancel orders. To avoid the delay, you must Contact Us ASAP should you wish to cancel the order. There is a 20% re-stocking fee once item has been customized.

15. How long does it take to make/embroider my custom headwear?
It usually takes a good 12-30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the complexity of the image being embroidered. We make all our headwear in-house so please allow us enough time to finalize your order. We will notify you once your item has been shipped.